Armie Hammer House of Hammer
Main Image: A young Armie Hammer pictured in a family photo, courtesy of Discovery+

Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriends — and a member of his own family — are speaking out against him in the trailer for Discovery+’s new docuseries House of Hammer.

“In the beginning, I felt like this was all perfect. This was amazing,” Hammer’s ex Courtney Vucekovich says in the trailer. “But then things changed. He pushes your boundaries a little bit at a time. You’re his completely.”

Vucekovich has described being groomed and put in uncomfortable and “dangerous” sexual situations by Hammer during their relationship. The trailer also shows screenshots of what are presented as conversations with Hammer, as well as photos — including one of a series of ropes.

“He said, ‘I’m 100% a cannibal,'” Vucekovich says in the trailer. “He just acted mad. The ropes were around your wrists, your ankles, you’re completely immobilized. I’m just closing my eyes until it ended.”

Hammer’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, did not immediately respond to MovieMaker‘s request for comment.

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Vucekovich was joined by two other women in the House of Hammer trailer: Julia Morrison, another ex-girlfriend who accuses Hammer of abuse, and Armie Hammer’s own aunt, Casey Hammer.

“I haven’t really digested this one,” Morrison says in the trailer before reading a message she says Hammer sent her: “‘I have a fantasy about having someone prove their love and devotion and tying them up in a public place at night and making their body free use and seeing if they will f— strangers for me.”

But the Discovery+ series, which premieres on Friday, Sept. 2, doesn’t just analyze the allegations of abuse against the Social Network and Call Me By Your Name actor — it connects it to his family history.

“If you believe in making deals with the devil, the Hammers are the top of the totem pole,” Casey Hammer says in the trailer. “I’ve let the Hammers control me my whole life. It’s time to stop. I refuse to be silenced. … I’m about to reveal the dark, twisted secrets of the Hammer family.”

She continues: “You just don’t wake up and become this dark controller, abuser. This behavior, it’s deep-rooted. On the outside we were a perfect a family, but magnify Succession a million times and it was my family. If you believe about making deals with the devil, the Hammers are top of that totem pole. Every generation of my family has been involved in dark misdeeds. It just gets worse and worse and worse.”

Watch the trailer for House of Hammer above.

Main Image: A young Armie Hammer pictured in a family photo, courtesy of Discovery+